Some Easy Ways You Can AVOID Cancer

The topic of Cancer is quite common these days. Maybe someone you know has it; someone you know had it; someone you know is affected by it; and sadly, someone you know has probably lost their lives because of it.
There is so much information out there, where do we begin? I say we start by looking in the mirror!
Pay attention to your body, inside and out! Do you see any new moles? Do you have a beautiful tan that perhaps was NOT acquired naturally? (I must admit, I’m a recovering addict to tanning beds.) Do you have multiple bruises that don’t hurt? Do you have any lumps or bumps that just ‘appeared’?
There are many warning signs to cancer, and unfortunately, there are many times those warning signs are overlooked or ‘blown off’ until it’s too late.
Know your body. Listen to it. Feed it well. Treat it like something priceless, after all, it is!
There are no guarantees that you won’t get cancer, but there are many ways to protect yourself and keep your body healthy so that if (God forbid) you do get cancer, your body is strong enough to beat it.

Here’s a quick list of some easy ways you can care for your body and hopefully, AVOID cancer:
1.  BALANCE! **I cannot stress this enough! We all lead very busy lives, and they only seem to be getting busier! With the ‘wonderful’ innovations in technology, we not only have conveniences, but we are also plagued with the inability to escape things! People can find us by phone, email, texting, cell phones, ……. In our car, in our homes, at the store, at work, on vacation,…… whew! YOU MUST FIND A WAY TO FIND BALANCE! Speaking from experience, “sometimes, you just have to say NO!”
2. Eat REAL/WHOLE food! *If God didn’t make it, you don’t NEED it! Convenience foods, boxed dinners, ……. Now, back to balance…… I’m not saying you can’t ever eat those foods, I’m just saying, “you don’t NEED them”. Our bodies were created so uniquely, so intricately, and yet so complex. Amazingly, it’s so simple to maintain them. Eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables! Fresh is best, frozen is okay, and reach for the can only when you have to. Canned foods are typically loaded with sodium, cooked until most of their nutrients are gone, and more often than not, packed in a BPA lined can. Eat WHOLE grains! (That’s another subject all together.) Eat CLEAN proteins. That means, low fat, preferably grass fed/free ranging animals; fresh fish/seafood; LOTS of seeds and nuts; and dairy products without added hormones and antibiotics.
3.  KEEP MOVING! *Whether you’re a walker, runner, biker, hiker, dancer, hockey player, basketball player,…… keep moving! As a mom, I can tell you that it’s sometimes very challenging to fit in a complete workout, but where there’s a will, there IS a way! Park further away from doors when you go places, use the stairs instead of elevators, if you have stairs in your home-use them as a built in piece of gym equipment! Folding laundry? Do squats. Not only will you save your back, but it will keep your lower body tone. Kids bored? Take them outside and run circles around them!

4.  CHERISH RELATIONSHIPS! *Yes, spending time with friends, family,… matters! Regardless of your age, your emotional health is vital to your entire being.  🙂
5.  HAVE FAITH! *Spiritual health matters too! I have my beliefs, and I know you do too! Everyone has them. We might not all believe in the same things, but we believe in something. Think about it. I would encourage you to read, meditate, get a prayer partner, join a bible study, look for a mommy’s group (M.O.P.S. is the one I attended), have a regular breakfast or lunch date with a friend and encourage one another,……
6.  STEER CLEAR OF TOBACCO!!!! *enough said.
7.  USE NON-TOXIC CLEANERS IN YOUR HOME! *There are many companies out there now that offer entire lines of products that are non-toxic. If you want a less expensive option, you can make your own with some very common items you probably already have in your home.
8.  USE SUNSCREEN! *Now, remember balance! Although too much sun is bad for you, the Vitamin D level your body needs to maintain is done easiest by sun exposure. So, balance is key!  8)
9.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER! *To avoid cancer? Yes! The more water you drink, the better you are. Water cleanses your body, it hydrates your body,….and after all, if you’re focused on drinking water, you’re less focused on taking in too much of anything else.
10.   ENJOY LIFE! **If you are living a fast-paced life,….don’t forget to take time to do something you really enjoy! Yes,….we’re back to balance.  🙂