Holiday planning and a book review!

As I sit here and plan my holiday menus, I am so excited to have a new resource!  That’s right, a wonderful new ebook called “Good and Easy Eats” by Kim Wilson. 

Kim has not only captured the essence of “easy” but conquered the challenge of “good”!  With every day recipes like Muesli and pancakes, but with a ultra boost of health, I can feel good about the small amount of time it takes to actually make it before I sit down with my family to enjoy them!

Her years of experience in eating nutritiously shows in the actual recipes as well as in the MANY tips and suggestions of creative ways you can serve these recipes to even the pickiest of eaters!

So whether you are planning for a house full of guests this year, or, just having your kiddos home from school, Kim’s book, “Good and Easy Eats” is a ‘must have’! 

My menu plan,…..done!

Now I have time to wrap a few more presents and sit down and relax to enjoy a nice warm cup of green tea and meditate on the Reason for the Season.  🙂

And remember, our goal here at Whole Living Solutions is to make small changes to healthier living in order to get long lasting results.  Changing the way you eat, the way you live, and even the way you relax is all a process.  If we can all stay focused on the prize, achieving balance that suits our (your) individual body, then we can take one step each day with confidence that we CAN do this!

So, as you enter your holiday season filled with celebrations, resolutions, and opportunities to ‘try something new’,…..take this opportunity to remind yourself:


1)      Life is like a marathon, not a sprint

2)       You don’t have to do ‘it’ all in one day

3)      It takes at least 21 days to build/break a habit

4)      You are unique, embrace who ‘you’ are

5)      Statistics show that those who have a good support system will be more likely to achieve their goals with lasting results

6)      One man’s food in another man’s poison (don’t compare yourself to others)

7)      Skinny doesn’t equal healthy (focus on good health with WHOLE/REAL foods)

8)      Instead of focusing on foods you “cannot” have, focus on what you “can”

9)      Increasing the amount of water you drink is ALWAYS a good thing

10)   People who write down their goals are more likely to accomplish them