Are you ready????


Has your “get up and go” “gotten up and gone”? 

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed, confused, and not sure who is really right in the world of nutrition? (ie: good fats, bad fats, empty calories, complex carbs, sugar vs. sugar….)

Did the holidays bring a little more than you bargained for, like a bigger pant size?

Are you ready to get back on track? 

Well, I hope you’ll join me in 2012 as I shake things up and conquer the challenge of eating REAL, WHOLE FOOD that feeds the body, mind, and soul.

Call it a New Year’s Resolution if you want, I’m calling it my New Year’s REVOLUTION! 

rev·o·lu·tion  noun   \re-və-lü-shən\

 : a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm

I’ve made ‘resolutions’ in the past, and they just didn’t last as I had hoped.  Reason,…..I ‘wanted’ to change and to see change,…but really, you have to change your way of thinking, the way you see things to really have a change of heart.  (Not just pant size or your blood pressure.)  

So this year,  we will experience a REVOLUTION around here!

We will look at different aspects of our lives and we will make changes!

First, we will examine ourselves and really takes notes.  What are the things we are happy with?  What are the things that we would like to change?  On a scale of 1-10, how bad do we REALLY want to make those changes AND what are we willing to do in order to achieve them?

Next, we will examine ourselves and find out what works best for us.  Once we make a decision, we will make a commitment on paper with a beginning, a check point, and an end.

Last, we will be encouragers.  We WILL persevere and feel success!  We will learn, expand, and embrace our new lifestyle.  We will celebrate, we will share, and we will celebrate again!  🙂

Things you will need:

1)      A good attitude!  Even when it seems we’ve “fallen off of the wagon”,…we WILL get back on (together) and keep on goin’! 

2)      Commitment,…NO throwing in the towel in 2 months!  I’m in this for the long haul, so don’t despair, you’re NOT alone! 

3)      Patience…..whatever changes/improvements you want to make will take time.  Remember, we want this to last! 

4)      An open mind. 

5)      A binder with dividers, page covers OR a multi-subject spiral notebook

6)      A journal and writing utensil

I will be posting weekly, my goal, Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, so keep your eyes open! 

 Keepin’ it real,

Elena   😉

2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  1. I’m on board!! 2011 has been a year of challanges and change for me, with a weight loss of 145 lbs. My goals are to maintain, and improve my level of fitness with continued exercise, physical therapy, and creative menus supporting wholesome whole foods.

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