Clean thinking

Did you write down your “bucket list”?  Do you know what improvements/changes you’d like to make in 2012?

Today, for just one minute, let’s think about the way that your relationships and food are connected.

As the founder of the school I attended, THE largest nutrition school in the world, “Health and happiness are inextricably linked. The better you feed yourself, the better you feel and the bigger the impact you can have on the world. In a transformed world, everyone is doing work they love.” –Joshua Rosenthal

Think about it.

How do you feel after you’ve eaten a little too much of something you shouldn’t have eaten versus after you’ve made a healthy choice?  My answer: dirty vs. clean.

I like feeling clean.

What steps could we take today to feel a little cleaner?

I would encourage you this week to think about that.

This is my plan:

Monday – Take a few items off of my “to do” list by taking several items down to my local donation spot.  I will feel good about decluttering a bit and that someone will have access to some really good stuff.  Family dinner plan: A large salad with mixed greens, with some freshly baked chicken breasts diced in there, a few glazed walnuts, some gorgonzola cheese and a fresh batch of my homemade white balsamic salad dressing.  It will feel good to feed my family a fresh and nourishing meal.

Tuesday – Meet with a friend and treat myself to a cup of hot (black) coffee and some ‘me’ time.  I will feel good about doing a little something for myself and not indulging in sweet treats.  Family dinner plan: Tacos, loaded with fresh veggies, bean, and a side of brown rice. It will feel good to feed my family a dinner packed with protein and fiber.

Wednesday – Give a presentation to a group of educators regarding health and wellness with students.  I will feel good about sharing some information that will affect many people in a positive way.  Family dinner plan:  Whole grain pasta served with a fresh batch of homemade (with fresh organic tomatoes) marinara sauce along with a large salad packed with a variety of veggies and nuts.  It will feel good to feed my family a dinner made with many fresh vegetables and not from a can or package that will power them through the rest of their week.

Thursday – I will volunteer my time to go on a field trip with my daughter’s class.  I will feel good helping out the teacher and spending time making memories with my daughter.  Family dinner plan:  Whole baked chicken (free range), lots of steamed veggies, and cilantro-scented quinoa.  It will feel good to feed my family a meal that will nourish their bodies and not load them with chemicals or starchy fillers.

Friday – I will focus on my home. Cleaning and caring for my home so that my family can enjoy their weekend time together will make me feel relaxed and enable me to enjoy that time with them.  Family dinner plan:  Homemade pizza! It will feel good to have fun with my family as we use our creativity designing our personal pizzas with meats, veggies, and personality! It’s always fun to see the imaginations of each child come out onto the dough.

So you can see that food DOES impact much more than satisfy your appetite.  It sort of goes back to the basics of “you are what you eat” and much more! 

Feed your body some yummy and creative food this week and you will find that it will feed your mind and your relationships as well!

Keepin’ it real,



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