What have you been up to?


Gesundheit.  😉 

Never heard of Kombucha?  Well, let me tell you.  It’s a fermented drink that tastes yummy!  (Read on…)

I don’t know what’s on your ‘bucket list’ for 2012, but I can tell you that a few of mine are:

1)      Learn how to make Kombucha at home

2)      Learn how to make sourdough at home (not just for bread)

3)      Learn how to make kefir at home

4)      Learn how to make sauerkraut at home

5)      Finally read through the entire book: Nourishing Traditions

In case you are wondering,….it’s because my theme is to incorporate more fermented foods into our diets and to continue to find ways to save money.

Fermented foods offer a variety of benefits.  For example, fermented foods improve your gut.  See, fermented food is like eating partially digested food, therefore, easing the digestion burden on our bodies.  In fact, fermented foods help to restore the proper balance of good bacteria in your gut. 

Do we want bacteria in our gut?  YES!  We want GOOD bacteria!  There are several conditions that have been identified as potential ‘side effects’ to a lack of good bacteria in our gut.  IBS, celiac disease, food allergies, asthma, …..

Fermented foods are rich in enzymes that our bodies use to properly digest and absorb all of the nutrition in the food we eat.  In fact, during the fermenting process, certain vitamins levels naturally increase!  How great is that?! 

Go back in time, way back in time,….before refrigerators, freezers, and even canning jars.  What do you think people did to keep their food from spoiling?  Well, I think that before they even ‘thought’ of it, they realized that certain foods ‘kept’ on their own.  Sure, the flavor changed a bit,….but, there is a clear difference between “fermented” foods and “spoiled/rotten” foods.

Their foods fermented.  It was a way of preserving their food supply.

Have you ever noticed that your yogurt will last a lot longer in your fridge than your milk?  Just check the dates, you’ll see what I mean.  What about pickles versus cucumbers?  Salsa versus tomatoes?

See, fermented foods are really another little blessing straight from heaven.  God knew exactly how to help us keep our food from spoiling, and how to use it and benefit from it.  Imagine that!

By the way, making yogurt is way cheaper than buying it.  A head of cabbage turned into sauerkraut doesn’t cost but a few cents.  And,….have you tried Kombucha?  Organic, raw Kombucha is an effervescent tea-based beverage that is often consumed for its anecdotal health benefits or for medicinal purposes.  Personally, I find it yummy and a GREAT alternative to sodas.  (Yes, I admit it,…I’m a recovering Diet-Coke addict.  Ugh.) 

 Making kombucha at home versus buying Diet Coke all of the time,…..whew, now that’s saving!  Plus, I’m doing my body a favor, not harming it.  It’s a win win! 

Some of what I’m saying may sound just down-right gross to you.  I get it.  At first, it did to me too.  BUT, fermented foods really taste good!  You are probably ingesting some already, and just haven’t stopped to think about it.

For example: Wine, cheese, yogurt, ….. those are pretty common.  Kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, sourdough bread, and kombucha are also examples of fermented foods. 

So, now you know what I’ve been up to AND what my plan is.   What have you been up to?  What is your plan?  I can’t wait to hear about it!  🙂

Keepin’ it real,


One thought on “What have you been up to?

  1. Wow, a whole new line of foods to investigate. I would love to know how to incorporate sour dough starter into something other than bread. Sauerkraut is already a staple and I have a new reason to enjoy it! My plan is to listen and learn as much as I can, so I am excited to visit the local natural food store this week and investigate some starters for Kefir and kombucha.
    Favorite meal of the week? Four bean veggie chili served on baby spinach with jack cheese. Hot winter salad to the low carb rescue!

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