Planning Ahead

As I think about this week coming up, I have to include preparations for a child getting her tonsils out next Monday.  Everyone has said that popsicles are best during recovery, and while agree with that (we’ve already had one child get a tonsillectomy), the challenge then becomes,…”Find a popsicle that is not completely made of sugar, food coloring, and things I cannot pronounce.”

After looking around, I have found some pure fruit pops that look pretty appealing.  I think she’ll like them.

As for nutrition while she’s recovering, we will also have available:

-pure bananas, pureed, and frozen (like pops)

-homemade chicken and bone broths

-smoothies, made very thin and with coconut water for good hydration AND nutrition

For the rest of us, I want to plan ahead, so she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on too much,…..

For breakfasts, we’ll have smoothies too.  So I’ll need to have lots of fruits and greens on hand. We’ll use homemade yogurt, almond milk, and fresh whey.  (Fresh whey comes from when we use our homemade yogurt to make ‘sour cream’, ‘cream cheese’, etc.)

For lunches, things will pretty much stay the same since the other children will still go to school and she won’t see what they’re eating.  So, wraps, salads, pastas, and sandwiches.

For dinners, we’ll have homemade soups.  I’m thinking onion, potato-leek, chili (not her favorite, so she won’t miss it, but plenty hearty), split-pea soup (toward the end of the week in case she’d like to try), and creamy curried quinoa and vegetable soup. 

**I’ll try to get all of the recipes posted this week.

Planning ahead is the key. 

Do you plan your menus ahead?  If so, do you do it by the week, month, season,…..?  I’d love to hear about it!

Keepin’ it real,


2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead

  1. Sounds great. I was going to suggest making your own popsicles 🙂 You are way ahead of me.
    I try to plan at least one week at a time. Life is so much easier when there is a well made plan.
    We’ll be praying for a speedy and pain free recovery!

  2. Boy do I ever plan! My list gets rewritten day in and out depending on friends and family. I don’t so much plan a menu (since I usually am only cooking for myself at home), as to what I need to have on hand. Skim milk and fruits to make yogurt and smoothies. Something crunchy to snack on like cocoa dusted almonds in 100 calorie packs. Vegetables to stir fry like leeks, turnips, and broccoli. Beans, farro, and salmon made the list this week along with the find of the month… wild caught Maine shrimp…very inexpensive if you have willing hands and time to clean them. Praying that the week went well and that healing is speedy.

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