A Healthy Perspective

By nature, I dread illness.   As a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach,  I always find myself thinking that I, nor my children should ever be sick.  WRONG.

Regardless of my training and knowledge, the reality is, people get sick. It’s how we handle it that makes the difference. 

As a ‘holistic’ practioner, I choose to do everything I can in order to help the body heal itself before choosing to take prescription medications. With that being said, I want to make sure you know that I absolutely love my doctor and I have always been blessed to receive amazing medical care from our medical community and I do believe that there is a place for prescription medication.  I just try to make them a last alternative.

Now, being the mother of eight children, I have the opportunity to be exposed to many different bacterias and viruses. The simple fact that there are eight children going in eight different places on most occasions and bringing ‘things’ home,….well, that’s just a fact. The simple fact that I am not sick more than I am,….well, that is just a blessing!

For the last couple of months, coughs and colds, along with other viruses have been everywhere! Our winter has been mild here in New Hampshire and the cooties are just lovin’ it!  In fact, one of those nasty viruses landed my immune-suppressed kiddo in the children’s hospital for a few days.  Anyway, after all of my kiddos have either caught or fought these little boogers, pun intended, I have been blessed enough to stay healthy.  Praise God!

Oops,….my turn.

Right now, I am supposed to be on a train headed to New York City to have a wonderful “Mother Daughter Weekend”.  Notice I said, “supposed to be”.

Instead, I am on the couch dealing with vertigo.  Apparently, I have a virus that has decided to take up residence in my inner ear therefore causing, vertigo.  For all of you medically trained readers, it’s vestibular neuritis.   Bottom line, it stinks!

Now, I have two choices.  One, I can sit here and dwell on the fact that I am missing out on time with my mom and the experiences of NYC or…… Two, I can sit here and thank God that this is not my normal state of living and that I am blessed to be a very capable, independent, loved wife and mother of a very busy and wonderful household.

I choose number two. 

I will sit here, lie here, and get the much needed rest my body needs. I will write when I can.  I will read when I can.  I will stay right here and appreciate everything that surrounds me.

How about you? What are your weekend plans?  I’d love to hear about them!

Keepin’ it real,