A New Challenge!

We are already one whole quarter through the year, Spring has arrived, and the bears are awake!  I know that because one visited our backyard this weekend!  😮

How’s your ‘bucket/to-do” list coming?  Do you feel like you’ve been able to make some positive changes in your life or do you feel like you ‘fell off the wagon’?

Wherever you are, I want you to know that I’m proud of you!  🙂  You are reading this post and that means, you are at the very least, still thinking about your whole health and ,…… a new challenge!    Good for you!!

Now, with time zipping right by, let’s get to it.

My challenge to you is …..

If you are the person who has been able to make some positive changes,….take the next step.  Step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to take the next step.  Don’t know what the next step is?  Leave me a comment, ask me a question and let’s figure it out.  🙂  Don’t let ‘big business’ hold you back.  By that I mean, are you up to date on the issue of GMOs?  Labeling?  The latest fad/scam?  Those “whole food” stores aren’t always telling you the “whole” deal.  Don’t be fooled.

If you are the person who has ‘fallen off the wagon’, get back on!  Don’t throw in the towel!  I am here for you!  Let’s re-focus, re-prioritize, re-strategize,…….whatever it takes, let’s do it!  Leave me a comment and tell me what you would find helpful.  Would it be more recipes?  Would it be a menu plan?  What about some answers to the questions you’ve been wanting to ask but haven’t?  Ask and you shall receive.  😉

I can tell you that for me, life hasn’t given me any breaks to just stop and focus on one thing,…..so I have made some positive changes in some areas, stagnated in others, …….

We’re all in this together!  🙂  This journey may have a winding path, a few ups and a few downs, but let’s remember,…..it’s how we come out on the other side that matters. 

Here’s a few resources to get you started:



Book: The Backyard Homestead

Idea: Assign yourself an ‘exercise’ that you can easily incorporate into your day.  For example: Every time I switch the laundry, I do two sets of 10 squats; For every cup of “beverage” I drink, I will also drink 16 oz of water……

Idea: In the area of relationships, today, I will write someone a “thinking of you” email, facebook post, or even better, ‘REAL’ card and send it in the US mail!  🙂

Thoughts: Today is a new day.  Yesterday is gone.  Today I have the chance to ‘start fresh’.  Just for today, I CAN do it! 

😉  Keepin’ it real,