Stepping outside our comfort zones…..

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I am not too good with change.

See, my comfort zone, well, …. it’s pretty darn cozy.    So, I usually have to perfect my ‘new zone’ before I step into it.


Usually, I get thrown into my new zone and then I spend A LOT of time trying to perfect it.

Ahhh,…. it feels so good to “come clean”.   😉

Now that I’ve taken care of business, how about you?  How are you with change?  Is your comfort zone as cozy as mine?

How do you approach change?

Well, lately, I’ve been inspired to be ‘okay’ with taking some pretty big steps and making some changes.  See, my 17-year-old daughter just took a big step of faith and I figure, …. “if she can do THAT, than I can do….x, y, or z.”

So, on top what I’ve already  do, I’ve thrown in a few additional challenges to help me go the extra mile.

This is my plan for the next three weeks:

1) I will DOUBLE the amount I ride on my stationary bike each week.

2) I will cut out ALL sweeteners from my morning java. (eek! I’m scared of this one!)

3) I will go out of my way to make sure I do something “a little extra special” for my hubby each day.

4) I will work REALLY hard to post consistently on my blog and get AT LEAST one dozen recipes posted.

5) I will do all of the above mentioned by managing my time wisely so that I don’t get stressed.

Okay, well, it’s out there!  You now have the complete right to hold me accountable.

Now, as I go through these next three weeks, I want to warn you.  The blog will probably be “a bit under construction”.  BUT,…. I WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!!!   🙂

Keepin’ it real,