A YUMMY solution!

There is never a dull moment at my house.  If you have children, I doubt you find yourself sitting around wondering what to do with all of your extra time either.

My latest challenge has been, try to find a ‘solution’ to one of my sons’ problems. That has been much easier said than done.  See, he is a 15-year-old boy who is very active, likes to eat (as do most teenagers), doesn’t particularly care to make sacrifices (again, who does?) and would prefer a simple and quick solution as opposed to a long, drawn out “let’s wait and see” solution.   Whew!

Long story short, he’s been battling IBS for months.  He’s always had a sensitive digestive system, but as he has stretched from 5 feet tall to over 6 feet tall in a fairly short period of time, his body has been doing some overtime.

We’ve tried going dairy free, gluten free, and tried to write down everything he ate along with how that particular food made him feel,……Again, not so easy to do with a 15-year-old boy who is active and has a social life.

Our latest development has been doing something I really prefer not to do, and that is, seek invasive medical attention to try to solve the mystery.

So, after an upper and lower endoscopy, we have ruled out Chrohn’s, Celiac, and Ulcertive Colitis.  You’d think he’d be elated, not so much.  Remember, he’d prefer an answer to the problem and a quick fix.  Who wouldn’t?

Now what?!  Well, let’s see…..

Mom has gone to school and done A LOT of her own homework, investigation and research and even gotten this wonderful young man to agree to several ‘experiments’.  Being the “wonderful” mother I am, (totally kidding), I’ve even done all of the experiments with him in order to help him feel like he wasn’t totally in this alone.

What have we learned?

I am so glad you asked!  🙂

We have learned that while the medical team is waiting on final results for tests run regarding lactose intolerance, he can only tolerated non-dairy milks AND raw milk.  Weird?  Maybe, maybe not.  Think about it.  What is different from nut milks, store-bought cow’s milk, and farm-fresh raw milk from grass-fed cows?  A LOT!!!  (That’s a whole different post.)  But, the bottom line is, store-bought pasteurized (that means that all of the bad AND GOOD bacterias have been cooked out) does nothing but harm to his gut.  He, WE, all need GOOD bacteria in our gut.

We have also learned that he does better, actually, BEST, when he eats homemade, from scratch, REAL food.  (Would it be too sarcastic if I said, “DUH”?!?)

I mean, how many people have you ever heard of that do better, or best, on fake, over-processed, mass-produced, hormone- injected, anti-biotic-injected, “colored pretty”, shaped cute, labeled attractive food?

Now, remember, I’m the gal who strives for BALANCE in all things.  Therefore, I do my best to follow the 80/20 rule in our home.  That means, we eat 80% homemade, from scratch, REAL food that is made at home and 20% or LESS of any foods that come in a package of some sort or prepared by someone else.

Conclusion: I have a 15-year-old boy tested and approved recipe to share with you today!  I hope you enjoy it and you’ll let me know what challenges we can help you find a WHOLE-LIVING-SOLUTION to solve it.  😉

Keepin’ it real,



1 ½ c dried bing cherries

1 ½ c pitted dates

3c raw whole almonds (could use chopped)

1t almond extract

2T filtered water (may vary based on consistency you like)

¼ c unsweetened  cocoa powder

*combine  the first three ingredients (I do almonds first and after a meal consistency add the dry fruits) in your food processor and process until “mealy” and on it’s way to a paste-like consistency

*drizzle in the almond extract and water until you reach your desired consistency (you could also add a scant of cinnamon or other spice if you’d like)

*scoop out with a spoon and roll into a ball using your hands, followed by a roll in the cocoa powder

You could eat them immediately or freeze them and TRY to make them last longer.  🙂