Anyone can do this!


Attention all picky eaters, I have good news!  🙂

Going glutton-free gluten-free isn’t as bad as some might think.  This week we had some super yummy foods! 🙂

Our menu included crepes filled and/or topped with inspirational yumminess, pina colada smoothies, curried beef and cabbage, savory wild rice, make your own pizza, and even chocolate cupcakes with a zesty lime frosting! (Thanks to daughter #3 who got a cupcake maker for Christmas!)

We are definitely learning our ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, but thus far, no gagging has occurred at the table,…..that’s always a good sign! 😉

I’ve learned that there are some great gluten-free ‘all purpose’ mixes, but it’s really not that hard to make your own, and, it’s less expensive to do it yourself.

I’ve learned that most people look at you ‘funny’ when your grocery cart is FILLED with apples, oranges, bananas, lettuce, spinach, onions, avacados, asparagus, peppers, tomatoes, fresh green beans, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and cheese. *I think they were wondering where all of my can goods and breads were hiding.*

I’ve also learned that the above listed grocery items, cost WAY LESS than one might expect.

I’ve learned that our previous eating habits versus a car filled with the above listed groceries create wonder, therefore, causing your children to help unload the car and still wonder, “what is there to eat”? 😐  …..and then they are pleasantly surprised! 🙂

Lastly, I’ve learned that I feel better after eating a gluten-free meal and the colors of all of the foods God so wonderfully provided for us all naturally (and gluten-free) are fun and yummy!  🙂

This week’s menu will be including, homemade granola, garlic-veggie pasta, “burritos” (I’ll be listing those on our menu as “Mock Ritos” since we will be using our yummy crepe recipe, which also makes them Primal/Paleo-diet friendly.), rice bowls, chili, and waffles.

Lunch boxes will include lots of fresh fruits and veggies, cheese sticks, and yogurt. 🙂

Actually, I guess I’ve learned one other thing,…. When you eat REAL FOOD, which we had already been doing, it’s really not that hard to “switch” to eating gluten-free or even paleo style/primal.   In fact, I’d say that although our family is ‘transitioning’ to eating gluten-free, we pretty much have seen ourselves eating more of a ‘primal diet’.  *If you’re not familiar with what ‘primal eating’ is about, I would encourage you to read my next post which will show the comparison of eating styles.

Keepin’ it real,


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