The World’s Easiest, no-mess, BEST play dough EVER!!!


So, what does one homeschooling mother with a very efficient child do?

Well, when she’s done with her Math, she let’s her make play dough!  😉

Some twenty years ago, I began a quest for a recipe for play dough.  It took me a few years,  several pounds of flour, and a few pounds of salt, but I got it!

So, for about 15 years now, I’ve been making our own play dough.

Today, as my 12-year-old was making it for the first time, on her own, I realized that I have not shared this recipe with you yet.

So, if you are looking for a quick fix to some boredom issues, or a fun activity for practicing measurements, I’ve got it! 😉

It really only takes a few minutes to make and provides WEEKS of fun!! That’s right, it takes A LOT for this play dough to dry out!  Unless of course you leave it out on purpose for over 24 hours or in the sun.   *sigh*

We hope you have as much with it as we do!

First, find a pot that you can easily stir in.

Then, add all of the following ingredients:

2 C all purpose flour (given the nutritional value, you’re not wasting anything! ;))

1 C salt (like Dollar Tree salt)

3 T Cream of Tartar (if you buy in bulk, it’s WAY cheaper!)

2 C water

2 T oil (again, Dollar Tree)

*Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until the dough begins to pull away.

*Remove from heat, dump on your workspace, and knead.

**It will be hot at first, but will cool quickly.

**At this point, you can color it.  We’ve used unsweetened Kool Aid packets in the past, they give it color and scent.  Today, we added a few drops of food coloring and almond extract.  So, whatever you’ve got, try it out! 😉


Keepin’ it real,

Elena 🙂

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