The Whole Living Story

Once upon a time, I was a young woman who knew only one thing in her heart, I wanted to be a mother. 
Today, I am blessed and honored to be the mother of eight beautiful children. 
Over the years, as we’ve been blessed with each child, I’ve had to learn how to make our food budget stretch a little further and yet, not compromise the nutrition of whatever I placed on the table. 
It has definitely been a journey and I’ve learned a lot along the way.  With so many of us, I found it too difficult and laboring to be a ‘short-order cook’; I found it too expensive to go ALL organic and buy ALL local foods; I found it nutritionally ’empty’ to use white flour, white rice, white potatoes, and white pasta too often, and frankly, I enjoy cooking, baking, and learning,…..
So, finding balance, has been an enjoying challenge. Taking our Whole Food Journey one day at a time, making small changes here and there, I am learning how to get the most nutrition for my dollar, and I’d love to help you do the same.
Small changes can add up to make a big difference! 
Now, one story changer.
In 2008, one of our children, our youngest boy, was diagnosed with leukemia.  My passion and ‘enjoying challenge’ turned into a mission!  During his three and half years of treatment and therapies, I studied further and learned that nutrition, is really a fledgling science and there is much to learn!  
I enrolled in school and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  I studied hundreds of food theories and continue to expand my knowledge on a daily basis; that translates to, “I read everything I can get my hands on, I read blogs constantly, and…. I’ll never know it all”–did you catch that disclaimer?  😉  
I work in conjunction with the American Association of Drugless Practioners and I firmly believe in letting food be your medicine.  That being said, I also believe that there is a time and a place for medications and it is everyone’s right to choose what works best for them.  
My goal is to teach you, my family, or anyone that will listen, about all of the wonderful, real, WHOLE foods God has created to nourish and protect our bodies. 
I believe that we are all uniquely created, we are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis (whether we like it or not), and we all need to do our best to protect ourselves and those we love.  We cannot control everything, so let’s grab hold of what we can!  

2 thoughts on “The Whole Living Story

  1. Hi Elena!

    I have a wonderful “new” grain I have discovered from Italy. It is an “heirloom” grain, very much like barley. It is called Farro. It is easy to prepare, helps lower blood sugar unlike most carbs and can be served as a cold salad, a hot breakfast, or as an addition to a cassarole.

    The company I get my farro from is currently updating their web site with a more American “look” Check out the current one I will send a sample package for American style cooking home with Jay.


  2. Hi Elena. Thank you for providing EHA faculty training this month, I know that they are looking forward to meeting with you. Love the updates and I look forward to next months news.

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